Who does the speaking?

Every so often we have someone come in and do a talk from outside the group to make sure we are eating a balanced meal. We have had some amazing people come and bring life as their is a deep bench here at Bethel.

Past speakers have included:

Sharon Youngman- Breaking generational curses. Sharon has a way of cutting through things and getting down to what matters so I refer people to her regularly. The first time I went to her for counseling it felt like I lost 20lbs.

Lori Byrne- The Mothers blessing. Lori is one of my hero's. Her and her husband Barry do a sex talk that is over the top. The first time I heard it I wanted to crawl under the table and hide and then stand on top of it and cheer.

Diane Peterson- A wife's perspective- I have had many old friends meet her for the first time and then come up to me later to congratulate me. What can I say? My wife rocks! Diane did some Q and A. She really has a way about her that takes the pressure off.

Charlie Harper- One gutsy testimony- Just being around him makes you want to be his friend. He also has that father thing going on that is huge.