What do you like about leading a group?

We had a leader meeting last night just before the group met and I asked the men "why do you keep coming back, and what do you like about leading a group?" Their answers were really good and reflected my feelings as well. I wrote a few of them down...so here they are.

Watching men get free, and not just talk about problems. ES

Being on the front lines, and the repercussions of breakthrough that comes from purity and how it flows through a mans family.

Being here levels the playing field. JR

The fraternal element, the connection with men at the deepest possible level. ML

Seeing the reflection of myself in the lives of the men in my group.

It feels like the way church should be.

Watching hard stuff unfold in there lives and being confident that if they keep pushing in and working on their stuff in a courageous way they will get better. DM

When men call me and ask for help, it really feels good.

The look on there faces when the light goes on. T

I am constantly reminded that I am not alone.

I keep getting more tools that work instead of getting preached at. BP

I have thought about being done in here several times, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the relationships. The connection with other men. Being real is so refreshing, and the thing I enjoy the most is the laughs we have. JB