Step Off The Cliff

We don't hunt men down at ManAlive. We don't evangelize it like we do for people to know God. Our evangelism is living a life that other men envy. A marriage where we are fully in love with our wives and are able to make them feel alive because of how easily we give to them. Our wives actually trust us and respect us because we are trustworthy, respectable men.We are fathers that other men want to be. We are not afraid of our kids or their mistakes. We are not afraid of talking to them about purity because we are walking in freedom and we have so much to give away. We have friendships that are enviable. Men who would lay down their lives for each other.We are men who feel deeply, cry often, and cry well. We are men who protect the weak and who do not run from conflict. We take ownership and create change. We know how to communicate because we are in touch with our needs and emotions and we are okay even if someone is not okay with us. We love much because we have been forgiven much.We don't hunt men down because we don't work harder on other peoples problems than they do. One of the most common traits in an addicted man is passivity. Passive men are always looking for someone else to make their decisions, fight their battles and ultimately for someone else to make them better. If they don't choose to humble themselves, then they can't be helped. If they don't choose to make a decision for themselves, they can't be helped.When you walk through those doors, you are doing so because you need it. There is no coddling, swaddling, or diaper-changing going on here. If you want friends, you must pursue them. You must give time and honesty. If you want sobriety, you must be willing to sacrifice and work hard. If you want freedom, you must choose to never give up and never give in to hopelessness.When you come to ManAlive, we treat you like men, because that's who you are. It's who you are becoming. Boys don't become men at their mothers' breast. Boys become men when they step off the cliff, trusting God in relationship with other men.