The same person in every situation.

Wow! William Young, the author of The Shack (this is required reading in the group) spoke to us last night and really brought it with the raw honesty that gets men well. It was an honor to have him and to hear the back story on his book that was written on other side of sexual brokenness. It was a big drink of hope for us all. The following are some of his one liners.

We are as sick as the secrets we keep.

Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you're loved.

I know I am getting better when I am the same person in every situation.

Nobody backslides, you only go deeper.

God doesn't heal us because He wants to use us, but because He loves us. Then we get to play.

Shame destroys your ability to distinguish between a value system and an observation.

People who tell the truth don't have to remember anything.

Being an adult is to much a child.

Never put your identity in anything that can be taken away.

Walk don't run. God only ran once in scripture and that was to welcome back a son who had left.

God doesn't live inside of anything that is not real.