The fuel of future success

Monday night is a celebration of failure. Our best men, have failed the most. They fail, but they do not quit, they get up, they look at it for what it is and keep moving forward. Win or learn, we  like to win, but learning is good too.....because it makes us better.We are awesome today because of what we failed at yesterday. You pay for greatness, and the cost is failure. We don't like to fail, we hate it, but we understand the risk and the pay off is good no matter if reward comes in the moment, or down the road.Failure has a cost. Rejection, humiliation, financial loss, embarrassment, hurt. Was it worth it? Every time. Failure means we're the game, we're trying something, we're pushing ourselves, you're seeing if we have what it takes, maybe we don't right now, maybe not today but we will, and what we learn from our failures will get us there.Recent failure? No problem. Talk about it, process it with friends, laugh about it, feel it, then let it go.  Celebrate that you're still in the game, that you are going after something, that you have not quit, that you're down but not out. Know that the God of all creation is with you, he is in you and for you. He is working all things for your good as we speak, he is faithful, and that you're getting better everyday.People cry when they win because they have lost before. Wining feels great, losing...uh...not so great. Be OK with yourself in the middle of failure. Talk to yourself, tell yourself what you learned, what you will do next time, and in the end love yourself. Remind yourself of past successes. Repeat to yourself what people you love have told you. Make adjustments, come up with a new plan, pray into it, then get up and keep moving forward because failure is the fuel of future success.