Gentlemen, welcome to our new website rebuild. We started this website with a simple blog 10 years ago. This site was first built by Graeme Morris, then redone 6 years later by Jack Vu, then this fall it was completely rebuilt by Josh Cogar.We started with 3 men in lawn chairs on the ball field, today there are 250 (we'll go well over 300 by May) men in small groups in Redding and many more groups that now meet around the country and internationally as well. Our online groups have really taken off this year since starting with one, and are now up to 6 groups meeting with 3 different small group leaders one of which is a woman, Nick Harper's wife Gabriella.We have our first conference coming up January 11th called The ManAlive Experience here in Redding that would be a genius move to come to if you can. Forget "if you can",... make it happen, it will be 2.3 days that you will not forget as it will be unlike anything you have ever will be an experience.Man-i-Fest as always is the first week of May, a do not miss for men in a group here in Redding, in online groups, or one of the many now around the globe as well.Back to our web site rebuild. First off I just want to give a big shout out of thanks to Josh Cogar a small group and worship leader on Monday nights and a tech extraordinaire who did a bunch of things that are very uncommon and hard to do. He did a great job completely on his own dime for the love of what we do, for what we stand for, and his passion to reach men around the world. Thank you Josh, may it return to you many times.Some new features besides looking really cool are automated group applications for small groups. This is going to make Michael Kunz's (our most excellent money guy) job significantly easier.We also commissioned a new logo to be created and went with Brad Webster who did a fantastic job. Not only does it look great, the meaning behind it matches us perfectly.We carried 10 years of blogs over to the new site....we did lose 3 recent ones in the transition but the vast majority are still there now with a cool picture beside them as well.There is also a leader portal that ManAlive group leaders around the globe can access via a pass word that will have announcements, and resources to support you men as you change the world. Mark Lex who is a a group leader and speaker on Monday nights as well as a father figure in the room will be in contact with the group leaders out there to support you guys as best we can. We'll be recording our leader meetings and leader training and will soon make that available on the leader portal as well. We are also updating our map that will have contact email so men in your area can find you.We've been pod casting now for 2 years. There are 65 podcasts available to date, and hopefully adding 40 to 50 plus per year moving forward. We just added some podcasts we did out in my shop that is my best stuff yet...we'll have more of these to come in time. The conference sessions, and Man i Fest talks will be podcast as well and offered in bundles following the event. All Monday night pod casts will be offered at no cost until the next podcast goes up. When it does it will be archived here forever at $2 An alert email will be sent out when each podcast goes up so just jump on the site to down load it at no cost each time one posts. To get the alerts subscribe at the bottom of our home page.ManAlive is now a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, so now we can directly receive support and give tax receipts. Thank you for the many who have opened your hearts/wallets and given to the great things that are happening in us and through us at ManAlive. May it return to you 100 times. If you would like to give before the end of the year, click here to make a donation. We are still very much a part of Bethel Church in Redding and have had excellent pastoral oversight over the last 10 years in Lori Byrne, Sheri Silk, and Candace Johnson. I know, all women....but they have been great and each perfect for the time they have worked with us to help as reach as many men as we can, and fast as we can, as well as we can.Hope you each had an excellent Christmas, and May 2018 be the best year of your lives.