On message

A while back we quit letting guys in the group that were not involved in church. What we are doing works to the level it does is because we are on message with the church body we are in. Our pastor Bill is one of the best sexual purity speakers in country because he understands the connection with God and the importance of relationships with men. Impurity is a temperature gauge that lets you know something in your life is out of order, a closet isn't cleaned out, or something isn't alive as it should be. So my advice is to go to things at church that stand out to you..a few of my favorites are Loving on Purpose, Prosperous Soul, Servant Life, Love after Marriage, and take advantage of the Transformation center. If you are reading this and you do not go to Bethel let me repeat what my mentor in this area Russel Willingham said to me once. "We need the church, every little bit of it. From the old lady in the front row to the pie social in the fellowship hall. Jesus loves his church and it is part of your healing."