This years Man-i-Fest is May 3,4,5 at Whiskeytown. Last year was pretty monumental for us and this year we expect it to be even better, as we have some great plans. Russell Willingham will be our speaker this year. We are pretty excited about it as Russ is about as good as it gets and we're honored to have him.Man-i-Fest is open to those in the group on Monday night and for alumni (and members of their group) who have moved and started a group in their home church. We regularly hear of new groups starting up around the country and recently several internationally. It's always encouraging to hear the good news of men going after purity and doing life together. We are proud of you men and would love to have you out for Man-i-Fest this year with any men in your group that want to come. It would be great to see you, hug you, and have a few laughs. If you want to come let us know via email and we'll get back to you with the details.Live long, eat well, and prosper. See you in May