Lack of courage slows relationship

Russ Willingham did our marriage counselling for us 17 years ago along with formally counseling me years prior to that. I cried a lot of tears in his office and am grateful for the father/mentor he has been in my life. In his book Breaking Free which I highly recommend he writes about me on page 106, 107,108 the pseudo name he gave me in the book is Andrew. We Skype him in every year on a Monday night up on the big screen and he always knocks it out of the park. We had him in last week and here are some of his one liners that I wanted to pass along:Passivity is the opposite of masculinity. Passivity is a sin against our own masculine nature.(Regarding passivity) Adam watched his wife give herself to the devil.Sex addiction comes close to relationship, but it is not.There is no we until there is me.When I am with a friend if I don't say something that scares me to death, we are not being intimate. Lack of courage slows relationship.(Regarding self hatred) You have never lived an unloved moment in your life.