Isn't this a sexual purity site?

Isn't this a sexual purity site? I mean.... sometimes you don't even talk about it at all. Whats up with that?

It is a sexual purity site, and that is also the primary focus of the group that meets on Monday nights. But the reality is that it really is not about sex at all, and it usually takes men a few months in the group to figure that out. Everyone I say that to for the first time laughs at me, and later down the road nods in agreement. The perception from outside the group is often that we are this group of guys that are working on this small area in our lives called sexual purity. Nothing could be farther from the truth because sexual purity deals with the whole man. Sexual purity is just a barometer that lets you know whats going with the rest of your life. So really we can talk about what ever, and what ever has to do with our sexual purity because everything affects it.

We are not riding on the special bus, we are the bullet train, and to get on the train you gotta be ready to lay your stuff on the table. You have not even begun recovery until you have fully confessed to your wife. It's a beautiful thing that happens in this group, the intimacy level is through the roof, and many men stay late into the night because there gut tells them that what is going on is the real deal. It's the real deal because there is no judgment, a man can process with out interruption, and can't hide if he wanted to. Those coming to appease others don't last.