Frequently asked questions

1. Do you think masturbation ok? No.

2. How much do I tell my wife? What ever she wants to know.

3. How do I get in this group.

First you must be attending regularly and involved at Bethel. Then fill out the confidential application here on our web site. You will receive a call in a few days for a phone interview. If accepted you usually will be able to start the group within the month.

4. I understand that there is a six month commitment to join the group, why?

First of all you will be sharing very deeply about who you are and laying your stuff on the table. It will be important to know that the other men you are sharing these things with are as commited to getting better as you are. Secondly many men start getting better in a few months and think to themselvs "I'm good" and leave the group. 9 months or so later they want to get back in because they didn't deal with the underlying land fill that put them in here int he first place.

5. How often can I miss group.

Only if you are out of town or very sick. Consistant attendance is key to rapid recovery.