There are 3 great books you should each put on your "read as soon as you can" list. One of them I wrote and for those those of you know me know that it's a very rare occasion that I would publicly self promote.... but the book is  good, real good and I'm proud of how it turned out and the wide range of people that are being affected by it. It's called Man On A Horse (just click on the titles to be taken to amazon).The second one is called Fearless. It's a story about Adam Brown a SeAL team 6 team member. The third is called Far Away Horses by Buck Brannaman a world class horse trainer. By naming these 3 books know that I am by no means ranking myself in equal company with the  accomplishments of these great men. What I am doing is giving you 3 excellent true stories with a common thread where each man finds healing from the past through purpose, facing fear, and the relationships around him....even when some of those relationships involve a horse. Get them, read them, and cry your way through them. You will find yourself in these stories and your faith will be strengthened as you see our God at work in their lives. Because you'll know that if God did it for them, He'll do it for you too.  Enjoy.