Eat your vegetables

I have a deep and universal love for the Church. God put that love in me but John Wimber among other mentors modeled and articulated it for me. John said once that “were all just different vegetables in the garden.” that resonated with me, still does. There are great things about every church, and always things to appreciate about our brothers. Here are a few of mine:I love evangelicals stand on scripture. How well the Nazarene church is committed to preach the gospel to the poor,t heir passion for missions, commitment to our youth. I love the Catholics stance on the protection of the unborn, I love how often they take communion, the special holiday mass is great, I slip into these often.  I really like the rhythm of the Anglican Church, the liturgy, love the robes too. Bethel Church’s stance on homosexuality, and how they steward the presence of God. Pentecostals pursuit of the Holy Spirit. I love how the Vineyard so greatly influenced so many different churches around the world with the introduction of not just talking about it, but doing it. Their pioneering of worship as we know it today. The style of preaching/teaching, the post service prayer, and how they introduced evangelicals to the Holy Spirit in a way most had not experienced before. I love how presbyterians do family. The community that Baptists create. The efforts that so many community/non-denominational churches make to connect with unbelievers, and to be relevant to our culture. I love all the churches that regularly do communion, love them. We have this little community church near our home I slip into sometimes and I love how they take time to pray out loud and individually for those with needs among them and around the world. I passed a church out in the country a few days ago that had a sign with a box under it that said “drop prayer requests here” oh my gosh, love that too. I love the Harvest Crusades that Calvary chapels puts on each year. I love the peaceful atmosphere of the Mennonite Church. The family orientation of the AmishI love all these things and more. What I don’t like is anyone who thinks other churches are wrong. Say your right all you want but do not under any circumstances say that anyone else is wrong. So not cool and doesn’t line up with Gods heart for his Church. Jesus’s last prayer before he went to the cross was and is that we would all be one. Last year our small group was out having some beers and watching the game when a gentleman for a reason I can’t remember went on a rant about the Catholic Church and how screwed up they are. I of course didn’t let it go and we went at it for 10 minutes of heated discussion in front of the other men. He was lawyer, and I am a decent debater and we just went toe to toe for some time. It ended with and uneasy peace and next week when it was his share his homework was….Yep…he must attend Catholic Mass this week and come back with 5 things he can appreciate about the Catholic Church. He did it, and we’re all better for it. There is gold in Gods church, dig for it and you will find it.  We're all just different vegetables in the garden, raw, organic, and right out of the dirt.