A real call to work on his stuff.

The following is a copied email from a good friend and I thought it would be good pass along.

Hey Mark, My brother applied to the BSSM for the fall and he had really good references from pastor, etc. He didn't get accepted because he was honest about his struggle with homosexuality and during his interview, that was the whole topic of conversation. However, he shared about everything he has been doing to stay out of that lifestyle and get free. I am just frustrated because he is so hungry for more of God, was excited to join the group you do at the church and really wanted to go to the school. He said the girl who interviewed him wanted to meet him in person in order to decide if he could come but then changed her mind and sent a rejection letter. I don't get it because he's such a great guy. He could of just lied to get into the school... but he was honest and now he can't go. Ugh. Anyway, just wanted to see if you had any feedback on this or any ideas/suggestions. If God doesn't want him to be going to the school, then that's just the end of it but I just feel sad about this. Talk to you soon, Jane.

Jane, yeah...he could of minimized the problem....but then where would he be? If he is super broken, it's hard to be able to capture all that is about to be poured into him at the school...and that is what they are trying to figure out in the interview process. Is he going to any group to work on things or is he just white knuckling it? If he really wants to get in the school he needs to get over the offence and not look at it like rejection but rather a real call to work on his stuff and re-apply next year. Or... he could move here, go to church and Purity Pursuit and then apply next year with my recommendation if he goes after his stuff?....but I don't think that is the answer since he is Canadian and cant work to support himself here in the US because hard work is part of the healing process. he needs to find something up there and push into it ASAP...maybe this will make him desperate enough? Love is tough....its also kind. I feel your frustration but you have to trust their discernment on this that now isn't the best time for him to come, but later may be? He will be a better, stronger man for it in the end. Peace,Mark