Self-Control: Being an Expert on You

Jenna Zint recently spoke at ManAlive (totally crushed it) and gave the men homework at the end. Here is a brief summary of her message, with a link to the homework:If you are working with a machine that you don't understand, chances are you will not have much success in getting it to do what you want. That's why most new things come with an instruction manual; because you can't control what you don't understand. So guess what?You cannot have self-control unless you understand yourself.We need to become experts on ourselves. Start by asking questions. Just like you would get to know anyone else, get to know yourself better. Ask the people who know you well to answer some of the same questions to get an outside perspective and most importantly, ask God about you, the One who wrote your instruction manual. The process of understanding your personality, your common triggers, your reactions to stress, your conflict resolution skillset and style, what brings you life, what drains you, is something that takes time. Experts in a field aren't given that title over night. They work hard at it because they are passionate about it and because they care deeply about it. Become an expert on yourself. Discover and write out your own instruction manual so that you can be an expert on you. Click here for a link to Jenna's homework: Knowing Yourself Homework