Nick Harper is a long time leader on Monday night. The good fruit of men’s lives that comes out of his groups speaks for it’s self. Employed, educated, and with a small business on the side he will continue to grow right along side of you. He knows how to feel, talk and touch and will allow you to do the same, the very thing you need to heal. Nick enjoys photography, kayaking, and growing his beard. He is married to his beautiful and fabulous wife Gabriella, they have three children Elena, Bella, and Jack and live in Redding California.



Mark Peterson is the founder and leader of ManAlive. With a degree in communication from Fresno State University and two decades of experience as a men’s group leader, Mark is a voice for sexual purity, honest relationships, and entrepreneurship in and outside the church. He loves seeing men restored, set free, and reconciled in their relationships. Mark enjoys swimming, hunting, fishing, napping, football, reading, and eating excellent food with family and friends. He lives in Northern California with his most excellent wife Diane and their four children.