Our online group functions almost exactly like what we do in small group here on Monday nights. Using video conferencing we meet online each a week for one hour. Each group of 6 men or less has a veteran leader from our ManAlive group here in Redding, he’s good, real good, he understands where you are at, he’s been there, he can help.

We have been very successful in helping men get free from sexual sin and get their life, marriage, work, and relationships back together. Not just surviving, but thriving in every area of their life. Our growth has been steady both here at Bethel Church in Redding and with new groups starting in local churches around the world. This on-line group is in response to the thousands that visit our web site each month looking for help that do not have a group in their church.

Our goal is to help you get better, but it goes beyond that. We wish to create leaders that will take their freedom into their church and start a group that brings hope to the many desperate men around them. This group is for you, and it will impact everyone you are in relationship with.

Know that this group will make you uncomfortable at times. You will be asked the hard questions and you will become known and get to know the other men in your group as you get better together. What we do is simple, but difficult. We have a 100% success rate with men who get honest, listen, act, and don’t give up. It’s not a program; it’s a change of lifestyle.

Commitment: Six months with weekly homework.

Cost: $25 per week with a one time $40 application fee.

For more information or to start the application process contact us

via the contact tap on the top right of our web site.