Our online for churches is designed to start a men’s group in your church. We have been very successful in helping men overcome sexual sin and beginning to prosper in every other area of their lives. Now we are bringing it to you, right where you are.

How it works: You gather 6-7 men in your church who want to go after sexual purity, we pick a time, and we start your group. One of our veteran small group leaders will attend via video conferencing each week and facilitate the group. Running it exactly like what we do here at ManAlive.

At the conclusion of six months a group leader will be named and you will continue meeting. At this point your group may be ready to begin to let new guys into the group depending on how well the men in the group are doing and if a secondary leader has emerged. From the six month point on we will continue to be available to mentor the group leader and to answer questions, work through problems, and praise accomplishments.

Our goal is to get you started, show you how its done then turn you loose to do it on your own. This is one of the finest discipleship models in the world, you will love it, and then men in your church will love you for it. When you have the hearts of the men, you have the hearts of the Church.

Commitment: Six months with weekly homework.

Cost: $20 per week with a one time $30 application fee for each man.

Optional but highly recommended ongoing mentor-ship after the six month commitment is fulfilled: $85 per month.

For more information or to start the application process contact us via the contact tab on the top right of our web site.