Great news if you’re looking for help, it’s here. No matter where you live you can now join one of our online groups that operate exactly like what we do here on Monday night. We have fantastic worship, testimonies, games, and speakers. But what works, what really get’s men better is the small group.

We have been very successful in helping men get free from sexual sin and get their life, their marriage, their work, and their relationships back together and back in order. I’m not just talking about surviving, but thriving in every area of their life. It’s a team sport and we need each other to get better, and the small group is the answer.

No longer will anyone who wants help not be able to get it, right where they are, the isolation is over. Our online groups are for both individuals and for Churches. It’s accessible, affordable, and will get you free. What we have, what we have been building and receiving from our God we now we’ll happily be able to pass on to you. We know it works because we have ran several sucessful online groups in the past with men from multiple countries around the world and Now you’re invited, we have been preparing for you. We have several group leaders ready go, ready to help, ready to lead. Multiple groups are meeting weekly online right now, we want you join, get better, and find what brings you alive.

Our small group is one finest discipleship models in the world, you will love it, the men in your church will love you for it. When you have the hearts of the men, you have the hearts of the Church. You will get better, and your better will influence every one you are in relationship with. In the marketplace, in your family, and in your church. You will never be the same.

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