ManAlive Experience 2018

Shame, passivity, porn, immaturity, or lifeless routine may have been your past or present, but it is not your future. True freedom is possible. If you’re ready to settle for nothing less, the ManAlive Experience is for you.

For the last 10 years, ManAlive has been mining the depths of masculinity, vulnerability, action, and intimacy. At its core, ManAlive has been searching out what it truly means to be a man and live fully alive. Marriages have resurrected, finances have prospered, grown-up “boys” have turned into men full of purpose, and the most broken have grown into the righteous who lead enviable lives.

We invite you to join us for ManAlive Experience: a two-and-a-half day conference with worship, prayer, teaching, and gritty challenges meant to inspire you, led by men who have found their freedom. Reignite adventure, courage, and relational connection, It’s time to get real, come clean, be known, and engage your future.

(See pics from Man-i-fest 2017 below)

Main Session Speakers

Eric Headshot

Eric and Candace Johnson serve on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California and are the Senior Leaders over the local church, Bethel Redding. Eric is the eldest son of Bill and Beni Johnson. He is a sixth-generation minister and travels internationally speaking and ministering throughout the year. He has authored Momentum: What God StartsNever Ends and Christ in You: Why God Trusts You More Than You Trust Yourself.

Mark Headshot

Mark Peterson is a husband, father, businessman, author, hunter, swimmer, speaker, and Jesus freak.  But his real contribution to the world is that he takes ordinary men and makes them fierce followers of God, fearless leaders, and freedom fighters.  He started ManAlive 10 years ago with a small group of broken men and has grown it into the world-changing movement it is today. Mark is a rare find with his gift for opening up and articulating God’s heart for masculinity. He will shock you, he will shake you, and he may even offend you, but you will not leave his presence unchanged.

Ken Headshot

In his youth, Ken struggled heavily with homosexuality, codependency, self-hatred, porn, masturbation, and what it looked like to be a man.  Years of counseling, prayer, and striving amounted to zero change–until he encountered God in ways that transformed him and built relationships that healed him. Today, Ken is a brilliant communicator and one of the best speakers alive when it comes to helping men caught in homosexuality. His honesty, vulnerability, and humor will draw you in and leave you a better man every time.

Aaron Headshot

Aaron Zint is a man dedicated to his wife of 8 years and his two daughters. He has been a part of ManAlive for 5 years and a leader for 3 of them. He came to group passive, timid, addicted to porn and masturbation and in most other ways, stuck in boyhood. He has fought to kill passivity, has cried a ton and has found true friendships in other men. He is a respected leader and speaker at ManAlive and lives to walk with other men through their journeys into wholeness and freedom.

Rodger is a mentor to many and a father to fathers. The men he’s close to count him a constant friend full of kindness, sound theology, and honest words. Through all seasons in all ways, he has consistently pointed men toward Jesus in his words, actions, and behavior. Rodger is a must-hear speaker that draws men in with his unique blend of vulnerability, wisdom, and humor.

Steve is a husband, father, son, and pastor from Australia who loves to surf, ride old Harleys, and help men find their passion. ManAlive gave Steve the power to find freedom and stay there, changing both him and his entire family. He is a dynamic speaker, full of honesty, courage, and of course, Aussie humor.


  • 4:00 pm – Registration

    5:30 pm – Doors Open

    6:30 pm – Main Session

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    8:00 am – Main Session

    10:30 am – Breakout Session

    11:30 am – Lunch

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    1:00 pm – Main Session

    4:30 pm – Breakout Sessions

    5:30 pm – Dinner

    6:30 pm – Doors Open

    7:00 pm – Main Session

  • 7:15 am – Doors Open

    8:00 am – Main Session

    10:30 am – Breakout Sessions

    12:00 pm – Lunch

    12:30 pm – Doors Open

    4:30 pm – Breakout Sessions

    5:30 pm – Dinner

    6:30 pm – Doors Open

    7:00 pm – Main Session

Worship Leaders

Josh has a gift of worship to bring men into the presence of God. He is charismatic, fun to be around, encouraging, masculine, and well loved. Josh Is a building contractor, horse trainer, and in love with his wife of 15 years. They have four daughters.

Bryce Moore is originally from Houston,Texas. Bryce relocated to Redding, CA to attend Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry.  Bryce is passionate about music and releasing sounds into the earth for worship, for healing, for community. Bryce is a local vocal instructor and also enjoys writing music, working out, spending time with friends and family. He is been attending Man Alive for 6 months and is courageously going after the deep things in his heart.

Sam Brooks is a Sacramento, California, based worship leader. He’s been in group since 2014 and is passionate about vulnerable worship. His roots go back to rural Georgia where he uncovered a raw and unapologetic love for worshiping Jesus. He now leads at various churches and small groups across the country. He’s recently married and returning to Sacramento from his year long honeymoon.

Breakout Session Speakers

Jenna is an edgy, quick-witted entrepreneur, wife and mother of two. Wherever she goes she makes friends, creates connection and provokes laughter. She’s one of ManAlive’s most memorable speakers and is well respected at Bethel Church as an architect of community and an arbiter of fun. Jenna’s style, wisdom and heart make her a truly unforgettable woman.

Laura is one of the most positive and happy people alive. She began speaking about shame, self compassion, and vulnerability before it was cool. A woman of great character, a much sought-after counselor, and beloved friend, she is the person that you want to have in your corner.

Tiffany is a mom of four, and a most excellent and devoted wife to her husband Ken. She is a successful business owner, writer, and actor, who for over a decade fought through and overcame insecurity and fear. Today she loves arming others with the ability to find themselves by proactively creating meaningful relationships. Tiffany is a fantastic communicator, animated and funny, with a hit-home style of honest humor. She regularly brings the house down, and you’ll want to be there when she does.

Mark’s life journey can be described in one word: resiliency. Through his relentless search for sexual freedom over a thirty-year span, he knows what works, and maybe even more importantly, what doesn’t. Mark’s never-give-up attitude is reflected in his work with men and couples in recovery and marriage restoration. Mark’s business and corporate experience gives him special insight into the challenges of balancing recovery, family, and career. Mark loves spending time with his family, and enjoys travel, hiking, reading, and is an avid Cubs fan. He has been married for thirty-six years to the most patient person on the planet. They have four children and five grandchildren.

Nick is a veteran leader with ManAlive who knows how to walk through pain and find freedom on the other side. He currently runs multiple groups live and online. He is an excellent father, friend, hard worker, and man who is in love with his wife. His passion is to help men heal from deep shame that has formed over time. He loves his family, flannel, kayaking, and the great outdoors.

Jerry loves to have fun and shake things up a little! He’s an avid sportsman, father of five, speaker, and a mentor to many. Ingrained in him from an early age was that imperfection needed to be hidden and failure was intolerable. That resulted in him becoming his own worst critic. He found healing in learning to love himself, pursuing honest relationships, and in letting others love him. He finds great satisfaction in helping men live out the fullness of who they were born to be.

Joe’s greatness comes from his ability to restore the broken. He is compassionate, kind, masculine, and confidently firm. He has led and managed many successful sales teams in the marketplace, yet places his family above it all. He’s an excellent football coach, has worked on a crab boat, been a Coast Guard small boat captain, a whitewater raft guide, and led groups backpacking into the wilderness of Northern California.

Jeff Audette is a class act. Relationally intentional, humble but confident, he’s a brilliant communicator who has walked through the dark night of the soul and come out a better man. In the marketplace, he is a manager of managers, a professional at his best that brings kingdom values into every decision and every relationship. He is a man who loves his family, loves his God, and makes every environment he’s in a better place to be.

Josh is one of those rare men who lives holy. He’s a uniter of men, a truth seeker, speaker, soccer player, and coach. He is a master of technology that’s consulted for companies such as Nike, Intel, and Carnival Cruise Lines. Josh carries wisdom, insight, and a passion to give what he has learned to other men. He comes alive in the outdoors, is a fantastic father, and is in love with his wife. They live in Redding, California.

Jason is a husband, father of five, writer, and an employee in corporate America. He explores and articulates the practical skills required to live well right now when stuff is hitting the fan. Vulnerable and raw, sharing from mistakes and clever stories, he offers tips on winning from the trenches.

Matt has been a worship pastor at Bethel Healing Rooms for 10 years. He has walked through “the long singleness,” as he was single and never married until age 47. He has been a long time group leader and speaker at ManAlive, and his unique leadership style of overwhelming kindness leads men to repentance. Matt is one of the most encouraging men alive, and his honesty, humor, humility, and insight make him a man that you want to be close to.

Eli is a hardworking, loyal, and joyful man. He came to ManAlive over seven years, has been a leader for five, and is completely unrecognizable. The dynamics of his sixteen-year marriage and his relationship with his two teenage daughters have drastically changed. He leads with confidence, rather than the fear and passivity that plagued him. A regular speaker and writer at ManAlive, Eli is unequaled in his ability to challenge others through his experience, vulnerability, and wisdom.

Michael is a builder of beautiful homes and heavily involved in Bethel’s new building project and design. He is a single father of four after having lost his wife to cancer two years ago. He has a relationship with his kids and his God that is enviable, and a morning ritual that should be aspired too. One of his great passions is to help others find what brings them alive and to help them accomplish it.

Pete Hsu is man of great character, wisdom and depth. He’s married with three children and has been a leader in ManAlive for almost two years. At work he’s an analyst, and  at play he loves reading and the outdoors. In all areas he intently pursues the heart of his God, wife, and kids. Pete doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, and has fought for and found true sexual intimacy in marriage. He is articulate and insightful in his public speaking and writing, and will give you a renewed drive to pursue getting better.

Taylor is a father, husband, entrepreneur, friend, and fighter. He has an insatiable appetite for honesty. He is a pastor in the truest sense of the word. Not only does he lead desperate men out of the wilderness, but develops leaders to do the same. For the last four years, he has been growing the largest group of man alive outside of Redding in Sacramento, California.

Gabriella Harper is the pioneer leader of Woman Alive online groups. Following the spirit and model of ManAlive, her heart is to help women stop numbing, and begin to feel and unbury their true hearts, beautiful and fully alive! She is a sweet and insightful leader with a nurturing approach. She is an example of vulnerability, bringing honesty and laughter into the battle. Gabriella lives in Redding, California, with her amazing husband, Nick. She loves feel-good movies, crafting, and hosting parties. She and Nick run online groups, and enjoy spending family time with their four beautiful children.

Images from our “Man-i-fest” experience, which is similar to what the MA Experience 2018 will be:

Team Games Wipeout…

Odell BBQ