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Shame, passivity, porn, immaturity, or lifeless routine might have been your past or present, but it is not your future. True freedom is possible and, if you’re ready to settle for nothing less, ManAlive Experience is for you. For the last 10 years, ManAlive has been mining the depths of masculinity, vulnerability, action, and intimacy. At its core, ManAlive has been searching out what it truly means to be a man and live fully alive. Marriages have resurrected, finances have prospered, grown-up “boys” have turned into men full of purpose, and the most broken have grown into the righteous who lead enviable lives.
We invite you to join us for ManAlive Experience: a two and a half day conference with worship, prayer, teaching, and gritty challenges meant to inspire you, led by men who have found their freedom. Reignite adventure, courage, and relational connection. It’s time to get real, come clean, be known, and engage your future.




Mark Peterson

Mark Headshot

Mark Peterson is a husband, father, businessman, author, hunter, swimmer, speaker, and Jesus freak.  But his real contribution to the world is that he takes ordinary men and makes them fierce followers of God, fearless leaders, and freedom fighters.  He started ManAlive 10 years ago with a small group of broken men and has grown it into the world-changing movement it is today. Mark is a rare find with his gift for opening up and articulating God’s heart for masculinity. He will shock you, he will shake you, and he may even offend you, but you will not leave his presence unchanged.

Eric Johnson

Eric Headshot

Eric and Candace Johnson serve on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California and are the Senior Leaders over the local church, Bethel Redding. Eric is the eldest son of Bill and Beni Johnson. He is a sixth-generation minister and travels internationally speaking and ministering throughout the year. He has authored Momentum: What God StartsNever Ends and Christ in You: Why God Trusts You More Than You Trust Yourself.

Aaron Zint

Aaron Headshot

Aaron Zint is a man dedicated to his wife of 8 years and his two daughters. He has been a part of ManAlive for 5 years and a leader for 3 of them. He came to group passive, timid, addicted to porn and masturbation and in most other ways, stuck in boyhood. He has fought to kill passivity, has cried a ton and has found true friendships in other men. He is a respected leader and speaker at ManAlive and lives to walk with other men through their journeys into wholeness and freedom.

Ken Williams

In his youth, Ken struggled heavily with homosexuality, codependency, self-hatred, porn, masturbation, and what it looked like to be a man.  Years of counseling, prayer, and striving amounted to zero change–until he encountered God in ways that transformed him and built relationships that healed him. Today, Ken is a brilliant communicator and one of the best speakers alive when it comes to helping men caught in homosexuality. His honesty, vulnerability, and humor will draw you in and leave you a better man every time.



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