Man-i-Fest 2018

May 5-7th at NEED Camp at Whiskeytown Lake. Reserve your spot now.

Man-i-Fest is a weekend men’s gathering for men that are in a ManAlive group in their church. We come together once a year from all over the country and world just to be together, hear some great speakers, get dangerous, dirty, eat some great food, and toss some wood on the fire that is already burning in our hearts.

If you are not in the group, or you’re alumni and want to attend, the criteria is that you must be in a group in your church using the format as lined out in ManAlive: The Making of Men. If you do not have a group but would like to come, there is still time to start one. You just need three or more men┬ámeeting in your church, and you are officially invited to attend.

For men outside of the area, contact us for cost and details.