The Man Alive Experience January 11-13th

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Gentlemen. January 11-13th we will be having our first annual what many would call a conference but we’re calling it an experience because that is exactly what you will have when you come. This event will be historical.

The ManAlive Experience Jan 11-13th will be held at Bethel’s Twin View Campus with only 450 seats to be made available. Watch for registration details and info here and on the Bethel events page mid-September to hold your spot for this do not miss event.


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Our men’s group here in Redding has been very successful. It’s also been very rewarding to hear about the many groups being born and growing up in other churches around the world. What we do works because of the small group, and now we are bringing the small group to you through an online group we’re calling ManAlive.

ManAlive will be run exactly like our small groups are run here on Monday night at Bethel church. We will meet online once a week for 6 months. The details of how we run the small group are outlined in the middle section of the book Get Naked. But what you really need to know is that what we do works. Men get better, and you will too.

For more information click on the ManAlive tab on the top right of our site, or watch the ManAlive video located in the vlog tab at the top of this site. 





Man-i-Fest 2014

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It’s time for our 3rd annual family reunion we call Man-i-Fest. It’s happening May 2-4 at NEED Camp in the Whiskey Town National Recreation Area. We’re there two nights, eating 5 meals, and having 4 speakers. Mark Peterson, Andy Flaherty, Rodger Gaskin, and Laura Duncan. The camp ground  is great, the food is excellent, and you will love the speakers.

Plan to get get dirty, laugh, have great worship, eat excellent food, connect deeply with other men, and be moved to greatness by a fantastic line up speakers. Our Saturday night speaker is Laura Duncan. What?..a woman speaking at a men’s group camp out? Yes, she is awesome. Her message is on freedom from shame and she gets it’s like no one else I know or have ever heard. So we’re having her up on the mountain with us Saturday night to help get us all a little better than we were. We had Laura in to speak to us this fall and we don’t do this very often but she happened to use the microphone and someone in the back just happened to press record. To hear it click here on Laura Duncan’s message on shame to hear the audio. It’s only 25 minutes long but know that what you’ll hear at Man i Fest 2014 will be a longer and deeper version. You’ll love it.

All alumni and everyone who has a group in their church is invited. Mid day Saturday we’ll have a training time on how to run a group for those of you from out of the area. For info on cost and to get signed up, connect with us by hitting the contact tab on the top right of this site.  Hope to see you there.



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There are 3 great books you should each put on your “read as soon as you can” list. One of them I wrote and for those those of you know me know that it’s a very rare occasion that I would publicly self promote…. but the book is  good, real good and I’m proud of how it turned out and the wide range of people that are being affected by it. It’s called Man On A Horse (just click on the titles to be taken to amazon).

The second one is called Fearless. It’s a story about Adam Brown a SeAL team 6 team member. The third is called Far Away Horses by Buck Brannaman a world class horse trainer. By naming these 3 books know that I am by no means ranking myself in equal company with the  accomplishments of these great men. What I am doing is giving you 3 excellent true stories with a common thread where each man finds healing from the past through purpose, facing fear, and the relationships around him….even when some of those relationships involve a horse. Get them, read them, and cry your way through them. You will find yourself in these stories and your faith will be strengthened as you see our God at work in their lives. Because you’ll know that if God did it for them, He’ll do it for you too.  Enjoy.


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This years Man-i-Fest is May 3,4,5 at Whiskeytown. Last year was pretty monumental for us and this year we expect it to be even better, as we have some great plans. Russell Willingham will be our speaker this year. We are pretty excited about it as Russ is about as good as it gets and we’re honored to have him. (more…)

Great book

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If you haven’t read the new book Purity by Kris Vallotton it’s a must read. You can find it at I could brag it up a bit but let me just say this. I have read nearly exhaustively on the subject of sexual purity and this book is one of those at the top of my list. Kris does an excellent job calling it like it is and creates a hunger in the reader for purity as it should be.

My favorite Russ quotes

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Russell Willingham spoke to us last week via video conferencing. It was really, really good and what he brought was huge. It was a honor to have him in. Here are a few of my favorite Russ quotes.

“If your feeling pain, you’re doing it right.”

“Desperation is the doorway to healing.”

“Sexual addiction is a grace disguised.”

“I am not where I want to be but I am better than I was.”

Russell Willingham June 2nd

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Russell Willingham, author of Breaking Free and director of New Creation Ministries will be speaking to us 6/2 via video conferencing. This is huge honor to have Russ in, I can’t say enough about him. I believe him to be the best there is in dealing issues of the heart related to sexual purity.

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