We meet every Monday night (holidays and all) at 7pm at 936 Twin View Blv. All are welcome to visit before deciding about joining the group.

For those of you visiting from out of town you are welcome to visit as well. We recommend first reading Get Naked (which specifically lines out what we are doing, the why, and the how in detail). Then sitting in the group to purposefully get a feel for what we are doing. Once you get a taste of the atmosphere you will more easily be able to reproduce it back in your home church.


Find a field
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When you are tired of running, great things happen. Two men in the story of David listed back to back right next to each other both got tired of running, fought it out, and won. 2 Sam 23: 9-12 These … Read More

Pay off
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Championships dynasty teams have men on them that are more worried about winning than the money they make to play. Tom Brady could be making triple what he is, Julian Edelman at least double, Steph Curry at least Double…the real … Read More

Scare stories
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I have been called crazy many times, but it’s not true. I am of sound mind, edgy yes, crazy, no. I have done a lot of things in life, dangerous things, but the risks were calculated, I went in prepared, … Read More

This Hope is for You
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For years I couldn’t dream. I couldn’t laugh.  I couldn’t cry and I could barely feel.  Life required so much from me, I didn’t know how to do it.  I was lost, hurting, and messing up. In 2012, I described … Read More

Step Off the Cliff
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We don’t hunt men down at ManAlive. We don’t evangelize it like we do for people to know God. Our evangelism is living a life that other men envy. A marriage where we are fully in love with our wives … Read More

An Emotional Laxative
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I’m fine.  I don’t have time to cry, I’ll deal with it later. Suck it up. This is what I was taught and what I thought was normal.  Guys don’t cry, they aren’t emotional.  That’s a moody woman thing.  The … Read More

Slice of the Pie
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Guys in the room that are not married, dating or not: your physical intimacy with a woman should never surpass your level of commitment. If you’re unaware of these levels, here’s a quick guide: holding hands, kissing and cuddling = … Read More

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We come to group for us, because it’s good for us, it’s good for our family and everyone we’re in relationship with. Because we take care of ourselves we are able to help others out of that place and it … Read More

Taking ground
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Great testimonies from men in the room about how their lives are being changed, how they’re healing, how they are prospering, standing up for themselves, loving themselves are so common I need a big box of most improved trophies to … Read More

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