4 months to live

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A friend asked me yesterday as we were returning from a hunting trip “what would I do if I only had 4 months to live?” I didn’t need to think about it because I have been asking myself the same question for 20 years. My answer was, is and always will be “exactly what I am doing now.” If that is your answer to the question “what would you do if you only had 4 months to live” then you’re doing it right. You’re alive and living life as it was meant to be lived.

Every interaction, phone call, every touch, tough situation you work through, financial decision, activity with your kids, every time you make love to your wife, come in contact with your enemies, neighbors, friends. Every word you speak, everything you do could be your last, make it all count all the time, every time. It could be the last time you see each other. Either by death, a move, or the circumstances of life. Time is precious, we’re all dying whether its 4 months or 40 years from now live every moment of your life like it is your last because it is.

                                     My friend saw me interact with 2 people that morning. One of them was on the way home when we stopped by another friends house who just had an extraordinarily tough year. As we cleaned our deer we talked, listened, encouraged, gave her some meat, and parted with a hug. Then on the phone to my wife before I hung up I said “babe, you are an exceptionally incredible person, I love you. “ I didn’t say it for him but he heard me say it. I was living the answer to the question. There was no one I would have rather have been hunting with, no one I would have rather stopped to encourage, no one I would have rather called on the phone.  I was living this day like every other day, like I was dying.

       As I dropped him off after the hunt I was simultaneously answering his question with some variation of the words above. I told him of the disappointment I just had reading the obituary of very rich man that lived near me and thinking is that it? That is not what I want. I want more, much much more. We are writing our own obituary every day, every action, every breath, knowing it is up to us to write the best obituary ever lived.







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