Feel it all

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Jesus had wide variety of emotions. He wept, he felt compassion, frustration, anger, anguish, sadness, grieved, betrayal, abandonment, happiness, and rejection.  A man in his 30s in one of the most violent cultures in history, yet he showed emotion openly.

Boys are born more sensitive than girls but by the age of 5 it begins to get conditioned out of them. With social conditioning lines like “toughen up, don’t be a cry baby, or only girls cry.” If you didn’t hear a line like this directly you got the message and from a very young age were culturally shamed into shutting down your emotions.

If the list of emotions you are feeling looks like Jesus, you’re doing it right. Not only is it OK for men to feel, we we need to feel. Feeling = healing. To be fully alive you gotta feel it all. To get to the happy you have to feel through the sad. Face it, embrace it, and enjoy it.  Both the brutal, and the beautiful need to happen, they want to happen. It’s your job to let it happen.





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