Poor Man Pays Twice

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I was working on some wood floors a while back and my belt sander busted.  My buddy looked at the broken machine and said “Don’t be cheap. Poor man pays twice” and went back to work with his fancy yellow one.


But I learned a lesson.

I think it applies to more than electric belt sanders. 

Somewhere along the way I picked up a bunch of quick fix cheap tools to meet some basic needs.

For example: porn was a cheap tool I kept buying to meet an intimacy need.  There are more, and I’m sure you have a bunch you can think of for yourself. 

Lately,  I’ve been investing in new and better tools.  Tools like the Feeling Wheel so I can attach the right word to the right feeling.   Vulnerability is a great tool for breaking shame.

There are a load of others that help like, rest, eating right, worship, calling a friend, adventure.  A good list to start on is page 22 of ManAlive: The Making of Men.  If you haven’t got the book I highly recommend it.   

After 3 years, I’ve got a decent sized tool box, and it feels pretty good.  Some of them definitely cost more than others, but it has been worth it.

Start getting some new tools and don’t be cheap, you aren’t a poor man. 



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