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We come to group for us, because it’s good for us, it’s good for our family and everyone we’re in relationship with. Because we take care of ourselves we are able to help others out of that place and it is not draining, rather it’s life giving. Pretty cool set up.

On Monday nights we’re around men that are getting better all the time. Men that are crying that have never cried. Men that are talking that have never communicated openly. Men that are learning how to touch that have never been touched appropriately, Men that are learning how to feel. It’s so very fun, I mean what else would we rather be doing? Not much really, besides exactly what we want to do….and wow, that helps men too because we’re doing what brings us life and we’re able to pass it along with out effort, so very cool.

Once you get in a small group, sober up, and figure out what is going on you can begin to help other men because you are now farther along than some. Helping other men get better is satisfying, it’s a constant helpers high. Feels so good help people and as you move along, as you get better, you keep going deeper. Sobriety turns into freedom and you start working on other areas of your life and able to help other men in their marriage, their family, their finances. Wait,…… isn’t this a stop looking at porn group? Yes, that is where we start, but once you’re past that all the fun stuff kicks in. It doesn’t end because there is always better, there is a deeper level of freedom, it is on going radical self improvement.

The dead are raised every Monday night, not just then but every day of the week because it’s not a program, it’s not a ministry, it’s a lifestyle. Everything you ever wanted is just on the other side of the sin you have been stuck in, many of you for decades. What are you waiting for? If you live here in Redding come to group immediately, if you don’t, move here. If you can’t, join an online group. Get out of that casket you’ve been living in and dance.

The God you have been reading about in the bible is real, so very real. Everything he has said is true, everything you have done is redeemable, it will fix, it will be better than you ever thought possible, you will live the life you couldn’t even dream about before. Its there for you, it’s here for you. Come and get it, come and take it. You are Robin Hood, and many poor will be fed from your future deeds.

You have been weak, but you will defend the weak. You have been poor, but  you will prosper and give generously. You have been in fear, but you will live courageously. You have been alone, but you will have true community, and real honest intimate friendships. You have been passive, but you will become aggressive. You have been late, but you will be early. You have lived in depression, but you will be happy. You have lived a constant lie, but you will live honestly, openly, and sleep like a baby. Where you are weak, you will become strong.

I work hard not to use big words, even though I like some of them, usually stay away as because I prefer simple clean speech but I wanted to introduce you to a new word if you don’t know it, if you do, read the definition again, it’s one of my favorite words.

  1. 1.
    the willingness to take bold risks.
    “her audacity came in handy during our most recent emergency”
    synonyms: boldness, daring, fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage, heroism, pluck, grit;

    informalguts, gutsiness, spunk, moxie
    “a traveler of extraordinary audacity”


    Repeat after me: “I am audacious” say it again “I am audacious” This is you, if you were a fighter pilot it would be your call sign. in your future you will be able to see what others cannot, dream dreams that others cannot dream, accomplish things others cannot. You will believe they are true, you will see it, you will run after it and others will follow. What you have been that is not desirable you will leave behind and take only the good with you. You are purging, moving on, settling into a new you. You are audacious.

    You will soon come to the place of supreme confidence so that you will speak like David spoke in Psalms 17:15 I will see you because have done no wrong and when I awake your presence will fill me with joy. Or like Psalms 18:20 The Lord rewards me because I do what is right, he blesses me because I am innocent. What? Innocent? I do no wrong? I don’t get it?….. David sinned, he killed his friend, he lied, he was passive with his children, he had sex with another mans wife. What’s is going on here? How can he say that? I’ll tell you how, because David knew he was forgiven, he had received grace, he had walked it out, embraced the discipline and his God, and finished well.

    This is your future. It’s shameless, it’s audacious, it’s powerful where once you were powerless.




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